Filmstar Eyelash Curlers
Filmstar Eyelash Curlers

Filmstar Eyelash Curlers
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Perk up your lashes for extra length and volume—with or without mascara! Our easy-to-use, latex-free lash curler gives luxe lashes quickly with its soft, curved base and ergonomic handle to ensure total control and comfort. Includes rubber pads that are gentle on even the most delicate of lashes.

Includes: Curler and latex-free replacement pad.

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A good pair of eyelash curlers is a makeup artist’s secret weapon when it comes to bigger, fuller lashes, opening up your gaze for the ultimate doe-eyed look.
For best results, look down into a mirror when curling lashes and always curl lashes before applying mascara. 1. Open your curler and pop the base as close as possible to the roots of your lashes, being careful not to grab any skin. 2. Clamp and hold for five seconds, then gently release. Repeat three to four more times. 3. For added curl and height, place the curlers halfway down your lashes and repeat the process.

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