Retractable Contouring Brush
Retractable Contouring Brush

Retractable Contouring Brush
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The Retractable Contouring Brush is perfectly angled to create enhanced cheekbones that are contoured with ease. The best part? It’s travel friendly for touch-ups throughout the day. Contains soft, synthetic brush hairs and is cruelty-free.
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The brush you can’t live without. Get a stunning, softened effect with just the right amount of product blended out every time.

Cruelty-free, vegan, synthetic

1. Load your brush with powder from the Red Carpet Strobing & Contouring Kit and tap off excess product.

2. Sweep the brush on your face just under the cheekbones, just under the jawline and lightly across the temples.

3. Wipe the brush clean, and sweep away any extra powder by buffing the brush over your face.

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